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Michael Olague

Dr. Matthew Rice is excellent. I found Dr. Matt while searching for a better form of treatment to replace my prescribed physical therapy. I was not experiencing improvement with the pain in my shoulder and arm even while I was getting “treatment” 2-3 a week for 2 months. I was not pleased.I was working with assistants which guided me through stretching and strengthening exercises, which I was already doing on my own to try to improve my condition prior to attending therapy.After my first sessions with Dr. Matt I felt great improvement, and the pain was significantly reduced.I now continue to receive treatment with Dr. Matt continuing to keep my shoulder and upper body healthy as well as any other dysfunctions we’ve discovered through his Functional Movement testing and screening method. Dr. Matt’s training and techniques in my eyes make all the difference. I have responded very well to the Active Release Technique, which I look forward to every treatment. Dr. Matt is always open to providing me with advice, and techniques to help me reach my health, and training goals. I highly respect and recommend this man.

Suzanne Dean

I have had 4 orthopedic surgeries over the past several years and have worked with multiple physical therapists. Most often during a treatment with a typical therapist, the therapist would treat me for about 10 minutes and then I would work with assistants for my exercises. At times the exercises were not even demonstrated with proper form. I never felt that the therapists understood my fitness level and was frequently disappointed in my care. After much frustration, my personal trainer recommended that I see Dr. Rice.

Dr. rice has been working with me after my last surgery (hip) and I have made incredible progress. My doctor was actually very surprised. He said that my progress at 8 weeks was better than many at 6 months. Dr. Rice is incredible at figuring out and treating imbalances in the body. He works with patients himself and understands the needs of athletes. My hip is now feeling amazing. I am truly thankful for finding Dr. Rice.

Howard Epstein

Dr. Rice is thoughtful, concerned, helpful and engaged. I have made great progress with my leg pains, sciatica and low back issues. He has two office locations which works out great for me since I live in LBC and commute south. He has stayed late for me a couple of times - very dedicated and caring. Matt attends a lot of sport movement CME (continuing medical education) classes and it shows.. His functional fitness classes on Sunday morning are helpful and a great way to wind up (if you are taking the tough mudder prep or ironaman prep after) or to wind down (I do the injury prevention/functional movement classes after boxing practice). He is tolerant of all levels - you don't have to be a "tough mudder"! I'm very happy I was referred to him. He is involved in other aspects of mind/body fitness as well, working with the people at Purple Yoga in Long Beach..

Sonny Chopra

Matt is by far the best chiropractor i've ever been to. I've been dealing with various lifting related injuries and imbalances for years now and seen more doctors than i can count and ive never met a chiropractor like him. Honestly hes my physical therapist, chiropractor, trainer, and good friend all in one. Ive never had a doctor who focuses so much on my movement patterns and addressing the root of my issues as opposed to every other chiropractor who pops you a few times and sends you on your way. He truly cares about my progress and my health and frequently checks in on me to see how im doing in between visits. I cant say enough about matt as a doctor and just a person in general, you wont meet another doctor like him.

Fati Abawi

Matt was referred to be by my personal trainer after experiencing really bad leg pains. I am currently in training for a full marathon and ever since I have switched over to be under Matt's care I have seen a tremendous change in my run and my pain level.

The simple things that Matt has introduced in my routine that has shown be the best results in a short amount of time. These are things that can be done at home with no equipment essentially and are super easy.

I have also referred and will continue to refer Matt to all my friends... He is super responsive and always is attentive to your needs! I am super grateful that I switched my doctor. I drive from Northridge so you know t hat he has to be AMAZING for that drive!

Matt Johnson

I used to be really skeptical about seeing a chiropractor based on past experiences. That all changed when I went to see Dr. Rice. He asked questions and did an extensive exam so that he could properly treat my injury. Dr. Rice also showed me some corrective exercises to help improve both mechanics and prevent injury. I play softball on a weekly basis and feel like both my swing and throw have consistently improved as a result of getting treatment from Dr. Rice.

Jessica Jean

I first went to Dr. Rice to treat a sports injury that had been ongoing for so long that I had resolved myself to just get used to the pain. His treatment plan allowed me to stay active and was easy to implement. The pain improved after my initial visit and has been completely gone for over a year now. Since then, he has become an invaluable resource for me - not only for injury rehab, but for fitness and overall health and wellness as well.

Jason Giovany Ayala

My body has never felt better! Thanks to Dr. Matt Rice for his excellent service and all the knowledge!

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